The September edition

British pension schemes could soon be relying on the performance of assets in Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and India to pay their benefits. Changing demographics appear to be shifting the world’s economic powerbase from the West to the East.

Indeed, India’s economic growth expectations for this year are four times greater than for the US, and this could be a sign of things to come.

Many British pension funds already have emerging market exposures, but they could be more reliant on them considering the West’s aging population and birth rates in Asia.

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This month’s cover story looks at this shift.

This edition also examines why allocations to infrastructure are so low and what pension schemes need to consider if they are to fill the void in areas where banks have departed.

The executive pay conundrum also features, while we sit down with a group of insiders to discuss where defined contribution schemes should be investing following last year’s market upheaval.

The new chief investment officer of Border to Coast outlines his plans for the pool, while the head of

investor practices at the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change shares his concerns about the fight to save the planet.

We hope you enjoy the issue.


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