Fixed Income Roundtable

10 Jul 2024 - 10 Jul 2024

Agas Harding Conference, The Goldsmith's Centre, 42 Britton St, London, EC1M 5AD Past Events Roundtables

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Institutional investors have some big decisions to make this year. Fixed income is a crucial element of their investment mix, particularly with cashflow-negativity rising among defined benefit pension schemes.

Yet there are many issues for investors to consider when managing their fixed income portfolios in 2024.

One big issue is that it is election year…in more than 50 countries, including the US. What could the outcome of “democracy in action” mean for currencies, yields and overall confidence in the debt markets?

Then there are the ongoing wars in Ukraine and the Middle East and the impact they could have on commodity prices, such as oil.

The direction of interest rates and inflation are other factors to consider.

So what fixed income strategies are institutional investors adopting and what is their outlook for these markets?

To find out, portfolio institutional is hosting a roundtable where fixed income investors will debate these issues and more.

A limited number of audience seats are available to hear our panel discuss:

  • The opportunities
  • Interest rates
  • Default risk
  • Sustainable debt
  • The outlook

Following the discussion, the audience will have the chance to put their questions to the panel and have the opportunity to discuss the issues raised over drinks after the formal discussion has concluded.




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