Demystifying Asset-Backed Finance Roundtable

19 Jun 2024

Date and location TBC

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Asset-Backed Finance is driving the financing of the real economy, something vitally important to institutional investors. In its latest roundtable portfolio institutional will explore a number of themes related to demystifying asset-backed finance. Such as, post the Global Financial Crisis: where does asset-backed finance sit? And what are the myths and reality of it as an investment? Furthermore, a new regulatory regime is resulting in new approaches and new assets. And like other areas such as private debt, banks have been exiting the asset-backed finance arena and we are seeing major institutional investors fill the void. When it comes to asset-backed finance many investments are structured in a way that fits fully a sustainability lens. In addition for investors, there is a case for good relative return and complexity premium connected to asset-backed finance. Are investors in agreement?

Following the formal discussion, our audience will have the opportunity to engage in a live Q&A session with our expert panelists. The event will conclude with a post-event networking session, providing a platform for further discussions and connections.



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