Sustainable strategies Roundtable and Networking

15 Nov 2023

Menier Penthouse 5th floor, 38 Southwark Street London Bridge SE1 1UN

Sustainability has become a mainstream strategy among pension schemes and insurers. The days when investment decisions were swayed by how much money an asset could make are long gone.

Attitudes towards risk have changed, especially by investors with long-term horizons. The impact an asset has on the environment and our climate are more important as is equality and building strong community relations.

In short, companies need to be better behaved. Such an approach could help drive higher long-term returns.

Yet sustainability means many things to many people, so what aspects are institutional investors focusing on, how successful are they at improving the ESG profile of companies and are such approaches creating value?

Join portfolio institutional as we discuss these issues with a panel of experts.

Discussion points:

  • Outcomes
  • Measuring success
  • Regulation
  • Beyond equities
  • Emerging markets



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