Real Estate Roundtable and Networking

6 Dec 2023

Clerkenwell Gallery, on 5 at Fora, 9 Dallington Street, London, EC1V 0LN

Real Estate Roundtable | 6 December 2023 | 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Property is changing.

The legacy of the Covid pandemic is hitting office valuations as more people work from home, while demand for housing has made residential more appealing as an institutional asset class.

The way we shop has also changed what investors define as a retail property, while the drive towards ending our reliance on oil and gas means that such assets need to be powered in different ways.

So how are pension schemes and insurers approaching the changing nature of an asset class which is typically seen as a long-term income driver?

To find out, we have invited a group of insiders from across the institutional investment chain to debate the issue.

We are offering a limited number of seats in the audience to hear our panel discuss:

· Higher for longer rates

· The future of the office

· Affordable housing

· Making sustainable impacts

· Future trends



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