Responsible Investing Roundtable and Networking

TBC, Central London

7 Sep 2022

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Responsible Investing Roundtable | 7th of September 2022

Building a sustainable future and reducing inequality are no longer niche investment strategies. Indeed, it is rare to find a pension scheme that does not have some exposure to assets that are working to improve our world.

Yet the nature of how these portfolios should be built is the subject of much debate. Should it exclude stocks that harm the climate, such as oil companies, or invest in these heavy polluters to work with management to clean up their operations? 

Then there is the issue of measuring outcomes with the standard of ESG data improving but still far from perfect. New regulation designed to help investors build more sustainable portfolios is on the way, but could it just reduce investing responsibly to a box-ticking exercise?  

portfolio institutional is hosting a roundtable which will feature the views of pension schemes, asset owners and consultants to discover how institutional investors are approaching such uncertainty and working to avoid being a victim of greenwashing. 

The event is an opportunity to join peers and the portfolio institutional team to discuss trends and issues around responsible investing. Following the formal discussion, the audience attendees will have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A session with the panellists and enjoy the post-event networking session to further discuss issues and trends within responsible investing as well as wider issues currently facing the institutional investment community over drinks and canapés.


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Discussion points:

  • Approaches to responsible investing
  • New regulation – help or hinderance?
  • Divestment or engagement?
  • ESG scoring
  • Responsible investing: what’s next?

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