Global Emerging Markets Roundtable and Networking

Vintry & Mercer, 19-20 Garlick Hill, London EC4V 2AU

9 Feb 2022

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Global Emerging Markets Roundtable taking place at Vintry & Mercer on 9th February at 3pm.

We are pleased to invite asset owners and consultants to our Global Emerging Markets Roundtable taking place at Vintry & Mercer on 9th February at 3pm. There they can join their peers and the portfolio institutional team in the audience. Following the formal discussion, the audience can take part in a Q&A session with the specially invited speakers.  Finally there will be canapés and drinks, with the opportunity to network and further discuss both Global Emerging Markets and wider issues currently facing the institutional investment community with our invited guests and experts.

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  • Alasdair Gill, Head of Investments, Scotland, XPS Pensions Group
  • Georg Inderst, Independent Adviser, Inderst Advisory
  • Kate Mead, CIPM Associate Investment Director, Cambridge Associates
  • Ian Smith, Portfolio Manager, Newton Investment Management
  • Alan Pickering, President, BESTrustees
  • Amandeep Shihn , Head of Emerging Markets Equity & Sustainable Investment Manager Research, Willis Towers Watson
  • Rob Treich, Head of Public Markets, London CIV
  • Dinesh Visavadia, Director, Independent Trustee Services
  • Chair: Mark Dunne, editor, portfolio institutional 
  • A debt crisis is unfolding in China’s real-estate sector. Will the growing problems at Evergrande and elsewhere have a knock-on effect on other sectors in China?
  • What could be the wider impact on the global economy?
  • The social and economic disruption caused by the pandemic has exacerbated change and accelerated certain trends, which has benefited some industries. How are institutional investors harnessing some of those changes for long-term growth?
  • Over the past 30 years, China’s income per capita went from being less than India’s to almost six times larger. Can India emulate China’s huge growth trajectory in the coming years?
  • Are emerging market economies making progress on improving their governance and setting more stringent environmental standards?
  • Environmental, social and governance considerations can be a bigger issue in emerging economies where capital markets and institutions may be less well-developed than in their developed-world peers. How are institutional investors and their managers using their sustainable capabilities and processes to assess emerging market investments?
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A summary of the roundtable will appear as a feature in portfolio institutional magazine. Please note, in joining the roundtable attendees are agreeing to photos being taken, a selection of which may be used in our publications, social media and on our website.​

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