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Our purpose at Newton is to unlock investment opportunity so that our clients achieve their goals in the vibrant world we all want to see.

Our clients include both pension plans, corporations, sovereign wealth funds, charities, endowments and foundations, and, via our parent company BNY Mellon Investment Management, individuals. Each has its own particular objectives, and our starting point is to understand what they are and how we can best help meet them by being an expert partner to our clients.

We seek to deliver strong outcomes to our clients by taking an active, multidimensional and engaged investment approach. It’s a future-facing approach – designed to manage the realities of today’s fast-evolving investment landscape, and to resist outdated assumptions – and it’s applied across our active equity, income, absolute return (including fixed income), multi-asset (both fundamental and systematic), thematic and sustainable strategies.

Being multidimensional means in particular that our investment team members are able to exploit an unusually wide and innovative range of inputs in their idea generation. A key component of our global research team’s work is fundamental, in-house analysis, but the team also delivers valuable insights through thematic, quantitative, investigative, geopolitical, credit, responsible investment, and private-market research. We believe that by looking at investment prospects from all relevant angles, our analysts and portfolio managers are equipped to make better investment decisions for our clients.

Founded in 1978, we remain solely focused on investment management, and we have grown to become a global firm, with offices in London, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Tokyo.


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