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M&G Investments is a global asset manager with a long history investing and innovating across both public and private markets. We’re part of M&G plc, an international savings and investment business with the ambition to deliver long term value for our investors, while working together to create a more positive future.

As an active manager we build solutions around what matters most to our clients whether it be investing for growth or income, to meet future liabilities, protect capital or invest responsibly. Together, through a strong sense of partnership and collaboration, we support a culture of continued innovation to build long-term relationships as needs evolve over time.

We offer access to a broad range of capabilities that span both public and private assets including fixed income, equities, multi-asset, real estate, infrastructure and private equity.

Globally we manage over £271 billion (at 30 June 2020) on behalf of individual and institutional investors including pension funds, endowments and foundations, insurers, sovereign wealth funds, banks and family offices.

ESG approach

We recognise that clients are increasingly looking to align their investments with their environmental and social values. This is why our investment decisions are underpinned by our commitment to investing responsibly.

Considering material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is an integral part of our investment approach. Combining market-leading research with our own proprietary data, we believe this helps us make more informed investment decisions. We also pro-actively engage directly with the businesses we invest in to help drive positive change.

M&G has committed to reducing our own carbon emissions to net-zero by 2030 and to achieving carbon net-zero investment portfolios by 2050.

M&G responsible investing reports, policies & principles

ESG Strategies

As an active manager, we aim to make a positive impact and generate long-term sustainable returns for our clients. We have pioneered a range of innovative impact and sustainable investment solutions offering strong alignment with the core values of our clients and their objectives.

Impact financing: This approach to impact investing targets direct positive environmental or social outcomes from providing debt finance to companies, projects or organisations working to address the challenges our world faces.

Positive impact equities: We make long-term investments in companies from around the world that aim to generate a positive social and/or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Sustainable multi-asset: By incorporating ESG and positive impact considerations in our approach to selecting investments, this flexible multi-asset strategy aims to generate sustainably achieved and attractive total returns over the long term.

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10 Fenchurch Avenue, London, EC3M 5AG, United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7626 4588

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