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portfolio Verlag User data policy

Thank you for visiting the portfolio Verlag website and completing any registration forms and questionnaires including but not limited to the portfolio Verlags website and for providing us with details relating to you and your organisation.

We would like to take this opportunity to further explain exactly why we gather this data, how we will use it and where it will be appearing. portfolio Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (“portfolio”) is an independent financial publishing and  data provider. The data relating to you and your organisation and some, or all, of the information you have  provided may appear: in portfolio Verlags regular printed publications, such as portfolio institutional, portfolio international, portfolio Vermögensmanagement, portfolio institutionell, on online websites such as www.portfolio-institutional.co.uk or  www.portfolio-institutionell.de. A comprehensive list of publications and online websites can be obtained by emailing portfolio Verlag at london@portfolio-verlag.com.

portfolio Verlag may also  licence this data to companies/institutions with a keen interest in asset management including, for instance, fund management groups and life companies. You can, however, rest assured that we impose tight restrictions on how our licensees use the data we provide. Where you use the on-line services we offer through our websites, including www.portfolioweekly.com, we will receive and store certain types of information regarding your on-line activity. For example, we use “cookies” and we obtain certain types of information when your web browser accesses our website and when you login, such as: your name and email address. The data relating to your use of the website, the pages you have viewed, and any articles sent via the Email a Friend facility, will also be collected. Please note that portfolio Verlag may provide this data to third parties. Where appropriate we will contact you or a representative from your fund management group from time to time to ensure that the information we hold remains accurate. If, however, any of the details you provided change and you would like us to reflect that change, please contact us on 020 7596 2875 or at london@portfolio-verlag.com and we will be happy to update your details. If you have any further queries or would like to receive a sample copy of one of our printed publications, please contact us on london@portfolio-verlag.com.

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