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Transition Management 2015

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Transition Management 2015

The nature of the beast

In this feature

  • What implications is the hunt for yield having on the type of transitions investors are undertaking and what special considerations do they need to make in view on the yield-driven environment where liquidity in bond markets is also massively constrained?
  • Currency volatility has seen a dramatic increase in recent times as central banks’ divergent policies continue to create turmoil in the market. What implications does this have for transitions and how can the risks be minimised?
  • To what extent are overlays becoming established practise in transition management? How do they work and what benefits to they bring to investors? What implications do they have in terms of counterparty risk and / or cost?
  • With many investors readying themselves for a move to liability matching strategies as yields hit certain trigger points, how can transition managers help to ensure their readiness once the time comes for a move and what do investors need to think about in advance of that happening?
  • What are the most commonly used methods of measuring the performance of a transition and a transition manager? To what extent does the industry need to see more standardisation in this regard and how much should a transition be measured based on the specific objectives of each client for each transition? How can performance be better demonstrated in post-trade reporting?
  • What impact has the greater regulatory focus had on the transition management industry? Has it driven up costs and who is paying for that?
  • The transition management industry continues to be in a state of flux as they face ever-increasing pressure on their margins. What does that mean for investors faced with selecting one or a panel of providers?
Transition Management 2015

John Minderides, head of Portfolio Solutions EMEA, State Street

Graham Dixon, transitions specialist, Inalytics

Emma Cusworth, contributing editor, portfolio institutional

Martin Mannion, head of trustee services, John Lewis Pension Fund

Roger Mattingly, director, PAN Trustees

Chris Adolph, head of transition management EMEA, Russell Investments

Max Lamb, head of transitions, Towers Watson

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