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TPT working with Redington

TPT working with Redington

Mark Dunne
Friday 24th November 2017

TPT Retirement Solutions has named Redington as its independent investment consultant.

The firm will advise the master trust on its defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) schemes, which are collectively home to more than £9bn of assets and 290,000 members.

Redington will work with TPT’s investment committee and its investment management team, which is led by chief investment officer Cliff Speed.

Speed said Redington’s values and investment beliefs are well aligned with TPT’s.

“We believe that the strong intellectual foundations on which Redington’s strategic advisory services are built will support TPT’s ability to continue delivering a high-quality investment service for all of our schemes and the underlying members.”

Redington managing director Patrick O’Sullivan said he and his colleagues are delighted with the appointment given TPT’s presence on the pensions industry.

“TPT’s goal is to make membership worthwhile, and its principles and approach to delivering this particularly resonated with the way we approach our own work,” he added.

“Redington has its own mission to make 100 million people financially secure, and playing our part in helping TPT’s 290,000 members will be another meaningful step towards that.”


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