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Sier to lead transparency group

Sier to lead transparency group

Mark Dunne
Wednesday 2nd August 2017

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has stepped up its fight to improve transparency in the asset management industry by establishing a working group.

Chris Sier has been named as the chair of the committee that will examine the way that costs and charges are presented to institutional investors.

The FCA wants to standardised the disclosure of costs and charges for professional investors.

Sier (pictured) will assemble a range of people from industry along with investors to sit on the committee. The group, which is expected to meet for the first time in September, will look to agree a template for disclosing costs and charges.

By the end of the year the group will also agree how to present and promote the template as well as how it should evolve over time.

Sier, who is a professor at Newcastle University Business School, has experience in this market. He has helped local government pension schemes to develop a template for institutional disclosure. He is also the government’s financial technology envoy for the north of England.


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