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Hymans Robertson joins NEST panel

Hymans Robertson joins NEST panel

Mark Dunne
Tuesday 17th October 2017

Hymans Robertson has joined NEST’s panel of investment advisers.

The independent pension consultancy is now part of a group that can pitch to provide investment advice to 2 million members of the government’s workplace pensions provider.

Hymans Robertson was invited onto the panel after passing a series of assessments on the quality of its advice and staff, as well as its fees.

Hymans Robertson’s head of DC investment, Mark Jaffray, said joining the panel means the firm can assist NEST in helping millions of savers achieve a more secure retirement.

“This is not only central to Hymans Robertson’s ethos but critical for the UK where three quarters of defined contribution savers are not currently on track for an adequate income at retirement,” he added.

NEST chief executive Mark Fawcett added that Hymans Robertson was appointed due to the “significant innovation” it has shown in the defined contribution (DC) market.


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