ESG Trends to Watch in 2019

13 Feb 2019

This year, ESG investors will have to deal with issues that include the earlier-than-expected effects of climate change and increased regulatory attention on their activities; not just those of issuers. In MSCI’s latest research, Linda-Eling Lee and Matt Moscardi examine these and other key trends affecting ESG investors in 2019.

The Other Trade War: Plastic Waste – Waste reduction isn’t a marketing priority; it’s a business challenge.

Regulating the Business of ESG Investing – Regulators have increased their focus on investors, not just issuers.

The Not-So-Distant Future for Climate Risk – “Someday” has arrived, especially for private assets like real estate.

The Big Signal Revolution – Accessing data is easy. Applying the most-relevant signals is key.

Leadership in the Age of Transparency – Investors will ask “What are my rights?” before scandal hits.

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